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Desert Edge fries

I went to Desert Edge for fries and beer. They don’t have fries.

My lunch companion was gracious enough to have driven both of us to Desert Edge Brewery for some fries so I figured that we could make the best of it and try some of their appetizers. Desert Edge always has a unique menu and the food has always been just above average so we stayed for a bit.

Desert Edge Anniversary Bock

Desert Edge Anniversary Bock

We ordered the Anniversary Amber Bock. Most of the brews that are served here are created just downstairs underneath the restaurant portion of Desert Edge. A pitcher of this was enough to keep us happy. If they had French Fries here I am sure that this beer would have gone well with them. I would have ordered another pitcher but my lunch companion had an appointment that he was already late for.

Now for the food.

Asian Chicken Skewers & Black Bean and Goat Cheese Quesadillas

Asian Chicken Skewers & Black Bean and Goat Cheese Quesadillas

There were other appetizers that I really wanted to try so I will have to go back, but we decided on the Asian Chicken Skewers and the Black Bean and Goat Cheese Quesadillas.

The quesadillas arrived first and I was disappointed that nobody knew where the goat cheese came from, but the presentation was impressive.

While eating the first one, I dipped an assortment of the garnishments into my mouth and there was one garnishment in particular that was very tasty. It tasted almost like a bread and butter chip. You know those pickles that are not sweet pickles but they have a different flavor? It tasted just like that except it looked just like a tiny green tomato.

Neither of us were sure what it was so I had to ask the server if it was a tomatillo and she responded that it was, in fact, a pickled tomatillo. The garnishments came on a bed of fresh greens and included diced red peppers and some red onions. I forgot what else accompanied our quesadillas but I will definitely eat them again. I think that the quesadillas cost somewhere between five to six dollars. Quite a deal considering that goat cheese is somewhat expensive here.

The other appetizer, Asian Chicken Skewers, came on a bed of purple cabbage and a hot mustard dipping sauce. I liked how the chef charred just enough of the chicken to make the chicken good to eat. I don’t think I can name the spices that I tasted in the chicken because I not familiar enough with those types of spices. I can mention that whatever it was spiced with made the chicken quite palatable.

I’ll also mention that the service there was above par. I have been there on other occasions where we had groups of over fifty and they were still able to take care of us so Desert Edge does not really lose any points in my book, but I still place them above average. There is something about the place that is low key and nothing really stands out making me want to select Desert Edge if I had other choices. That doesn’t mean I’m not going back. I will definitely be dining there again.

Too bad they don’t serve fries.


The theme of the week is Pickled Foods. Over the next few days I will be trying various pickled items and sharing my experiences with them.

Yesterday I was having some conversations on twitter and the topic of pickled food items came up. I wondered out loud if pickles could go bad because the pickles in my fridge tasted funny. Then one of my friends mentioned pickled herring and that got me to thinking. There are many different pickled culinary foods. Almost anything can be pickled.

I mentioned that I had never eaten a fried pickle before and N.T.J. told me that I could order one at Piper Down near downtown Salt Lake. This was an opportunity to try something new so I told him that it was a date; and what time could we meet there for some fried pickles?

Piper Down has always had wonderful food and yesterday was no exception. I ordered the fried pickles and a stein of beer while my partner ordered something called a Bloody Mary burger.

The Bloody Mary burger also qualifies as a culinary item that we are allowed to eat this week because it comes with pickled asparagus. Imagine that. This is a very unique burger. Ground chuck beef marinated in bloody mary mix, the asparagus and Spanish olives. I will have to try it sometime.

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fried pickles at piper down

I was immediately impressed when the fried pickles arrived. One look at them and I could tell that these were hand made, not some frozen food that came out of a bag only to be deep fried later. This was a genuine pickle sliced into thick portions, dipped into batter and deep fried. Served with the pickle was a sauce that I had identified as stone ground mustard and mayonnaise. Later, the bartender checked with the cook and confirmed this for us.

I don’t quite have the ability to describe foods that I have eaten but I can tell you that the fried pickles were worth trying. I think that the unique dipping sauce enhanced the experience. I will definitely be eating fried pickles again in the future.

sixteen at Per Se

I could not resist sharing this article.

Sixteen year old maneuvers around obstacles such as parents and school and school janitors in order to secure a reservation at an impressive restaurant.

First of all, his writing style is very mature. I was almost convinced that maybe it was an older gentleman writing under not only a pseudonym but a fictitious personality, as well. The parts about the champagne and the ‘my underage tastebuds’ threw me off a bit. Made me second guess the author. And the sheer amount of food that was served and consumed blew me away. I found it almost unbelievable. Obviously I have never dined as a diner should.

Besides those discrepancies, the author is very well-spoken and articulate and describes an experience that I was able to visualize without even closing my eyes. I look forward to the time when I may write as vividly.

More about Per Se.

-via Kottke